About Us

Foodfrens is an Asian woman-owned small business for handmade specialty goods and apparel inspired by food, foodies, and cooks. We are a team of two who connected over a passion for creativity while living in France in 2017.

Our brand was originally built around our foodfrens “characters” who each have their own unique personalities, quirks, & talents, like we all do. We love bringing them to life through our brand to celebrate everyone’s most authentic selves.

Now, we specialize in hand-printed and hand-embroidered casual apparel made for restaurant folx and all friends of the restaurant industry. We design street-friendly, off-the-clock casual cook/wear that recognizes and celebrates cooks, chefs, bartenders, servers, and restaurant workers of all kinds.

Our lighthearted apparel aims to support our local businesses and restaurants and the unseen people who work hard every day.