Meet the foodfrens!

Whimsical, quirky food pals, each with their own unique personality and style. Which fren are you?

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ravioli schedules naps between meals, is a great listener, jack of al trades, and full of big ideas

corn is a charismatic sun child, loves personality tests, is nurturing and affectionate, and an active environmentalist

watermelon is a problem-solver, is extremely versatile and patient, and loves to spend the day sun bathing

eggplant enjoys skateboarding and drumming, goes with the flow, and loves cooking shows.

pear is warmhearted and naturally fun, usually misses phone calls, and is a yoga pants enthusiast and sour candy connoisseur

swan gourd is musically gifted, moderately anxious, is often indecisive, and always encourages others

blueberry embraces imperfection, celebrates diversity, is small but outspoken, and is a passionate rookie chess player

artichoke is a multitasker, enjoys a good, strong drink, and is a little rough on the outside but soft at heart

celery likes to compliment others, is straightforward and sensible, and is an everyman but disapproves of typecasting

butternut squash is excitable, daring, convivial, the life of the party, quick-witted and cheeky, and afraid of dinosaurs

toast is indifferent and serious, prefers solitude but will entertain the antics of peers, and is an intellectual

radish is sassy and excitable, a cat-lover, prefers honesty over sugar-coating and is financially responsible